Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:


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GammTech service

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GammTech Corporation


Services Overview

Field Service Diagnostics and Repair

Spare Parts

Segmented Knife

Our experienced service department can assist with on-site help for trouble-shooting and repair of most post-press equipment, including for GammTech, Gammerler, and other OEM stackers, trimmers, log stackers and palletizers.

Our extensive on-hand parts inventory, coupled with our ability to manufacture a wide variety of both commonly required and “hard to find” parts, make GammTech Corporation your best North American single source supplier for virtually all your GammTech and Gammerler parts needs.

Installation Commissioning and Training

Refurbishing and Rebuilding

GammTech provides a full complement of installation and training service, for new and rebuilt GammTech machinery, as well as other OEM equipment.

Whether in our Palmetto, FL factory or on your floor, GammTech offers comprehensive refurbishing and rebuilding service for used Gammerler stackers, trimmers and other commonly used post press equipment. Please call or write to schedule a visit from one of our technicians.

Gammerler STC 700

Knife Grinding

De-installation and Re-installation of

Post Press Systems

Complete knife repair, replacement and grinding service for all GammTech and Gammerler segmented knives, as well as any other OEM rotary trimmer knives that need fast and inexpensive sharpening.

GammTech has expertise and experience in teardown and re-installation of stacker, conveyor and palletizing systems. Re-purposing even complex post press systems is easy and affordable when you choose the GammTech team.

Gammerler Knife Regrinding
GammTech Service
Gammerler Overhead Conveying