Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

Gunter Gammerler's 2012 Recap:

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GammTech Corporation


GammStack 1M Compensating Stacker
Spare Parts
GammTech Corporation
Welcome to GammTech Welcome to GammTech
New Compensating Stackers,Rotary Trimmers, and Custom Conveying New Compensating Stackers,Rotary Trimmers, and Custom Conveying
Refurbished and Completely Remanufactured Machines Refurbished and Completely Remanufactured Machines
Parts and Service Parts and Service

Your single source supplier for

all post press equipment, parts and service, including used Gammerler equipment. From GammTech Corporation you can

expect excellence!

We have thousands of parts in stock, including Gammerler parts, and can provide expert field service technical assistance for all GammTech and Gammerler equipment models.

GammTech manufactures state of the art compensating stackers, rotary trimmers, and conveying systems for all types of commercial printing and newspaper applications.

GammTech sells refurbished and fully remanufactured used Gammerler stackers and used Gammerler trimmers, which include a new machine, one year warranty.

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Fisher Printing purchases two rebuilt Gammerler Stackers,

Orange, CA

Used Gammerler stacker

Rebuilt used Gammerler STC 70 ready to ship!

Next job lot of GammStacks

Factory refurbished used Gammerler stacker with warranty ready to go!

Next five frames for new GammStacks being prepped

Mazak Nexus 510C-II
GammTech Service

May 30 8 2016 | GammTech Corporation

Seattle Times purchases second new GammStack 1M, Seattle, WA

May 9. 2016 | GammTech Corporation

NPC installs factory rebuilt GammTech trimmer, Tampa, FL

State of the art North American based manufacturing facility

Knowledgeable experienced customer service department

March. 26 2016 | GammTech Corporation

RR Donnelley installs eight new GammStack 1M stackers, Charlestown, IN

Used Gammerler Stacker
GammTech Spare Parts

Feb 8, 2016 | GammTech Corporation

Naples Daily News installs new GammStack 1M, Naples FL

Creps United Publications installation

Jan 15 2016 | GammTech Corporation

Complete refurbishing and remanufacturing of used Gammerler stackers and trimmers

Extensive parts inventory for GammTech and Gammerler stackers and trimmers

Gateway Press installs factory rebuilt GammTech stacker, Louisville, KY

Nov 27, 2015 | GammTech Corporation

Gammerler Knife Regrinding
GammTech Service

Raleigh News and Observer purchases GammTech postpress mailroom system, Raleigh NC

Nov 12 2015 | GammTech Corporation

Jefferson City News Tribune purchases factory rebuilt GammTech stacker, Jeff City, MO

Nov 8 2015 | GammTech Corporation

In house Gammerler knife grinding and replacement service

Remote diagnostics for all new GammTech equipment